Vázquez Aldana, Hernández Gómez & Asociados (VAHG)

Operates in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico VAHG consolitdating more than 50 years of legal practice.

VAHG is formed as a result of the prestige, experience, reputation, business approach, high ethical values and professional standards, responsiveness, accountability and trust of its Partners.

VAGH is now recognized as a leading legal firm in M&A, Contract Law, Banking and Securities Law, Real Estate Law as well as corporate transactions in general, including Notary Public and Commercial Notary Public services, within its geographic area in Mexico.

As a result of its non-stop search for high added value, VAHG is proud of having the trust of worldwide known Mexican and multinational companies as a result of the adoption of its professional service model. We have immediate access different local jurisdictions around the world through Consulegis, EEIG, an international network of independent law firms to which we are members.

VAGH represents an invaluable sum of prestige and reputation with strengths and capabilities to conduct international transactions, operating under the highest standards of services and quality, together with a singular personal approach, developing a unique strategic competitive factor and high appreciation of its clients.

In VAHG we value each of our members, the human and professional capabilities of our team allows us to be able to know each and every one of our clients. We develop long term relationships with our clients as a result of our quality and personal treatment.

Our mission is to be the leading firm in providing services in each of its areas of expertise to ensure legal certainty and strategic legal counsel under the highest quality standards in the transactions engaged in by our clients, working professionally in their decision making processes and preventing conflicts and resolving them only when needed, thereby facilitating the conduct of their business.

In VAHG, we know we could not achieve our goals without our client's’ trust and we think believe that in having partners and associates with extensive experience, ethical values, continuous updating and attitude of service and teamwork skills we can offer unique added value to our customers.

We take the time to get to know each of our clients.

We believe that prestige is the result of the consistency of a professional practice enriched with ethical values.

Our focus on nine strategic pillars have allowed us to be seen by relevant domestic and international law firms, banks, funds, financial advisors and business consultants: high ethical values, experience and reputation; performance with high professional standards; responsiveness and accountability, local knowledge with immediate global access to other jurisdictions; trained staff and team work; personal treatment; proactive communication with client; development of long term professional relationships and state of the art technology.

VAHG is capable of covering full services including corporate law, mergers & acquisitions; banking and securities law, project finance, public attesting, as well as real estate, and infrastructure, joint ventures, commercial law and contracts, foreign investment, intellectual property law, due diligence, Notary Public law, and Public Commercial Notary Public law, civil and commercial litigation, tax and administrative litigation, labor litigation and consulting among others