VAHG protects, froma legal standing point the creations of human intellect, which have or may have value in the market such as trade secrets, patents, trademarks, copyrights, utility models and industrial designs, and the undertaking of proceedings before administrative authorities and federal courts.

Our firm participates with its clients designing legal measures to safeguard the property and the enjoyment of their assets and their tranfer for reasons of succession and estate planning.

VAHG has an unparallel collection in the case of Protected Designation of Origin and Geographical Indications, especially in the case of Tequila, with more than 16 years of experience and specialization in this area.

VAHG has designed international trademark protection systems, certification marks, names and geographical indications in international jurisdictions and has extensive experience in trademark registration abroad.

We have performed valuations of intangible assets for different purposes such as the capitalization of the investment of its owners, and their bargaining within mergers and acquisitions.