Experience, expertise and availability

We have extensive experience in each of our areas of expertise.


A local firm with global service

We are proud to add that VAHG is a member of Consulegis, EEIG, an IBA (International Bar Association) with representation in over 150 cities worldwide.

Allowing us to provide our customers a personalized service all around the world in the five continents, through a network of more than 1,600 lawyers.


Capability and value added

The firm has the capacity to deploy added value to the services we offer our customers within the specialized areas according to the subject that have a direct and personal attention of a team and from other attorneys with extensive experience in the service area. The interaction of the different areas of expertise when necessary allows us to provide unique added value to the services provided.


Response times and the importance of our customers.

For us the customer comes first, and therefore we practice and manifest our daily commitment to do everything in our power to meet the expectations and customer needs. VAHG is for its clients a problem-solving tool that makes available at all times the friendly and timely deal of a firm that places a high human quality of our customers.



Our structure and procedures allow us to provide flexibility in the implementation of schemes of services and adapt quickly to growing customer needs.



We have cutting edge facilities that allow us, when needed, to address your issues by providing meeting rooms and facilities that meet the high standards expected by our customers. VAGH responds institutionally and personally to the needs of its customers.


Operational processes and internal controls

Our structure, systems and procedures allow us to generate added value to the client given the supervision of the matters entrusted to us.


Processes and technology

VAHG follows processes that ensure the highest quality standards, including their processes of review of conflict of interest, and is equipped with computer systems and technologically advanced equipment, including word processing, digital file storage, workflow and accounting systems.